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Karoo - David Lombard Outreach

Karoo (Writer, 2020 – present)

I have been writing articles for this Brussels-based webzine and network of volunteers and culture enthusiasts which seeks to promote a form of cultural journalism that focuses on developing critical thinking. My favorite topics are Belgian Francophone literature and the Belgian indie music scene. 

All my article can be read (open access) here: https://karoo.me/author/davidlombard 

BASCE – The Benelux Association for the Study of Art, Culture, and the Environment (Member of the events committee, 2020 – 2021)

BASCE was founded in 2012. It is an interdisciplinary tri-national platform through which all those who are interested in the environmental humanities can be informed about the latest national and international developments, as well as exchange ideas and plans for research projects. The platform, now hosted by the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis, may in the course of time become an affiliated organization of ASLE-UKI, EASLCE, and NIES, with which it will closely cooperate. The platform brings together teachers, scholars from various disciplines, artists, writers, environmentalists, students, and all those interested in the relation between art, culture, and environmental issues in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.


Together with BASCE’s events committee, we organized events such as “Snippets,” a monthly online series of discussions, where we explored short extracts from texts dealing with ecological and environmental humanities-related issues, and a “Creative Jam,” an afternoon of workshops that resulted in creative productions (e.g., poetry, photographs, stories) by the participants, which were eventually published as a webzine: https://basce.itch.io/basce-summer-zine.  


For more information on our activities, please visit BASCE’s website: https://beneluxenvironmentalhumanities.wordpress.com/category/basce-news/ 

Etopia (Associate researcher, 2019 – present)

I have been working as an associate researcher (volunteer) for this Namur-based research center in political ecology since 2019. Etopia’s think tank gathers activists and associate researchers who give lectures, talks, and training courses, and write articles on topics related to (political) ecology and sustainable development. 

My involvement has consisted in, for example, writing general-audience articles (e.g., “L’écocritique à l’âge de l’anthropocène”), presenting at Etopia’s annual conference “VertPop,” (e.g., “Que nous apprend la littérature à l’âge de l’anthropocène ?”) and chairing panels (e.g., see recording of the panel “Littérature et écologie : qu’est-ce que la littérature a apporté à l’écologie ?”).

Musically Yours | Davis Lombard Outreach

Musically Yours (Writer, 2016 – 2017)

I wrote music, album, and concert reviews for this music webzine on music festivals, bands, and songwriters such as the BlueBird Festival, Nikki Lane, Mandolin Orange, and Jackson Browne. Musically Yours is a music blog that was created in 2013 and offers free interviews and music reviews (on concerts and albums). 

All my reviews can be read (open access) here: https://musically-yours.net/author/davidlombardmusic/ 


I have also been writing general-audience articles for (academic) blogs and university websites on an occasional basis, and on topics as various as American literature, philosophy, ecology, and music: